Greetings and welcome to The Hunters Wiki! This wiki is made on my own imagination, but slightly based on Warriors. I am DawnpawTheDevil, or simply Skylia, the founder of this wiki! If you would like to join or have any questions, please ask me Willow, my fellow admin. Afterwards, please read the Rules before joining.

Ever since opening this wiki on October 15, 2019, we have growing! We will welcome you happily and enjoy your time at THE HUNTERS WIKI!

Hunters Creation!

The book series I have created called Hunters is loosely inspired by Warriors by: Erin Hunter. First I have to thank a few people, Willowleafwing who helped me create my books and wiki, my brother Bryce, and my mutt Josie who helped me form Dawnpaw who is almost just as grumpy getters into her elder years congratulations to you, and my not very smart boxer who gives me plenty of wet kisses with his extra large tongue and extra cuddles while I write and draw my books. These books are based of the wolves in the the western side of the USA during the years of the Wild West ( 1865-1895) multiple forms of this time period are mostly shown in Fireblaze’s book with hunters/poachers and wolf fights (inspired by White Fang) as he was held captive by humans or in the wolves mind (tuff heads). The first comic I have ever started staring Roughpaw goes though the troubles of his mother being abused by his stepfather who killed Roughpaws father in a battle to become alpha forcing his mother to have pups with him. Roughpaw at the time Roughfurs siblings were supposably killed by his mothers paws. In a dream while captured by Fire Pack with his half stepsister (whose mother is white fur and father Is Nightpaw) gets a dream from his father Chainpaw who tells him that his siblings are still alive. Waking up he tells his sister Frostberry all about it as they head off to find his brother Birchclaw who is then living in a zoo with a small cage. They managed to escape going back to den pack when Roughfur is stopped by his mother who tells him where his sister is in stream pack.

About the Series

Hunters is a wolf wiki inspired Warriors cat series, but with wolves, they are targeted in Payette National Forest. There is a sort of Dark forest like place called the Dark Mountains, where all evil or disloyal wolves go and plot revenge, but the many Spirit’s protect the packs like a StarClan council, and let deceased wolves join Moon Pack. A place of the remembered wolves who've passed away, and are honored.

Some Inspiration for the Series and Wolf Life!

In The Valley Of The Wolves

Main Hunters Theme is Wolves by Selena Gomez and Marshmello!


Yes there is Roleplay on this wiki! Seprate from the cannon series! ask an admin to join a pack! Plots can be discussed with Skylia, Here are some featured pages beyond the rp you should look at:

Adoption - Rules

Currently, Cloud Pack, Mountain Pack, and the White Shadow’s roleplay are open!

Main Packs

Cloud Pack

Mountain Pack

Stream Pack

Den Pack

Fire Pack

Snow Pack

Side Packs

Marsh Pack

Leaf Pack

Rogue Packs

The White Shadows

The Black Swans

Zoo Pack

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